BeatZ Studio - Recent Design Works

Recently, Jason Wong have been heavily involved with designing of various custom and creative websites across Gold Coast and Singapore. Below are the recent design work.

Play or Stay

BeatZ Studio - Play or Stay

Play or Stay is a website developed for visitors to search for great resort packages, restaurant guides and tourist attractions in Australia.

Status : on-going

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BeatZ Studio - MyContentMan

MyContentMan - A website developed for viewing and building your own website all for the best price and simply best service online.

Status : on-going

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Net Biz Enterprises

BeatZ Studio - Netbiz Enterprises

Net Biz Enterprises - A company specialise in bringing the net to businesses by giving clients a new powerful internet presence and online promotion strategy.

Status : on-going

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Wildlife Art Studios

BeatZ Studio - Wild Life Art Studios

Wildlife Art Studios - The finest and most comprehensive display of wildlife art the world has to offer, all under one website.

Status : on-going

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Total Activities

BeatZ Studio - Total Activities

Total Activities is a new online booking portal, so sophisticated it has the potential to change the industry.

Status : on-going

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The Best Restaurants

BeatZ Studio - The Best Restaurants

The Best Restaurants - A website developed for visitors to search for great restaurant locations in Gold Coast, Brisbane and more in Australia.

Status : on-going

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