BeatZ Studio - Design Portfolio - Video

Jason Wong, creator of BeatZ Studio believes in bringing life to motion pictures. Filling the screen with visual effect to bring out the emotion to the video will be accompanied by :

- Utilising camera techniques combined with creative insights to bring any script to its full
- Profressionally mixing the footages together with customised visual effect.
- Custom designed sound effects to bring the video to life.
- Editting the video seamlessly to soundtrack to be ready for DVD publication.

BeatZ Studio Showreel

BeatZ Studio Showreel

The showreel displays the motion graphics of BeatZ Studio.

*disclaimer : Music is credited to the song "Welcome to New York City" by Cam'ron

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BeatZ Studio - Aisan Food Channel

A promo video for an advertisment of Asian Food Channel.

*disclaimer : Copyrighted by Flip! Creatives, Singapore.

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BeatZ Studio - Bisnes

A reality TV bisness program, Bisnes, targetting young adults in Singapore.

*disclaimer : Copyrighted by Flip! Creatives, Singapore.

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Family Week

BeatZ Studio - Family Week

An advertisment video to create awarness of the importance of family during the Family Week in Singpore.

*disclaimer : Copyrighted by Flip! Creatives, Singapore.

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Games Are Not Reality

BeatZ Studio - Games Are Not Reality

A short film, Games Are Not Reality, which shows ablitity to create combine 3D and effects to live footages. Inspired by the film "The Matrix".

*disclaimer : Music is credited to "The Matrix" Soundtrack.

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Get Down

BeatZ Studio - Get Down

Get Down is a short film created as part of the university assignment to promote urban culture.

*disclaimer : Music is credited Ed.

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Intro to Game Design

BeatZ Studio - Intro to Game Design

A 3D game CG with game play interaction trailer.

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BeatZ Studio - Zapz

Zapz is a malay language 2D animation program for kids.

*disclaimer : Copyrighted by Flip! Creatives, Singapore.

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BeatZ Studio - Design Portfolio - Web Design

BeatZ Studio prided in itself to produce quality graphic for custom design websites. Using up-to-date softwares to enhance the quality of the design work, BeatZ Studio will based on the client's needs to create suitable graphical elements ,layouts and SEO (search engine optimisation) to reach out the masses. Most of BeatZ Studio's website design are based in Australia, Gold Coast.

Play or Stay

BeatZ Studio - Play or Stay

Play or Stay - A website developed for visitors to search for great resort packages, restaurant guides and tourist attractions.

Status : on-going

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BeatZ Studio - MyContentMan

MyContentManager - A website developed for viewing and building your own website all for the best price and simply best service online.

Status : on-going

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Net Biz Enterprises

BeatZ Studio - Netbiz Enterprises

Net Biz Enterprises - A company specialise in bringing the net to businesses by giving clients a new powerful internet presence and online promotion strategy.

Status : on-going

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Wildlife Art Studios

BeatZ Studio - Wild Life Art Studios

Wildlife Art Studios - The finest and most comprehensive display of wildlife art the world has to offer, all under one website.

Status : on-going

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Total Activities

BeatZ Studio - Total Activities

Total Activities is a new online booking portal, so sophisticated it has the potential to change the industry.

Status : on-going

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The Best Restaurants

BeatZ Studio - The Best Restaurants

The Best Restaurants - A website developed for visitors to search for great restaurant locations.

Status : on-going

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